Testimonials for Girl Plays Jazz Project

What the girls thought:

“Thank you very much!!  It was an amazing experience.  I would love to do it again. And now I am a lot more in jazz than I was!”

“[Our daughter] enjoyed the workshop… she found it inspirational to be playing with other girls.  The improvising alone helped her improve her confidence.”

“[Our daughter] really really liked it.”

“[Our daughter] thought [the workshop] was fantastic.  [She] enjoyed her experience tremendously.”

“The workshop was very inspiring for her, she is very enthusiastic about it.”

“I liked having the chance to do a lot of improvisation and we all got to do solos.”

What the parents said:

“You brought an otherwise disparate group of girls together to play in unison. You enthused the girls and brought them together happily. You raised their playing standards and determination to try harder and come again!”

“The workshop was really well run – clear teaching goals, preparation materials shared in advance and well-structured on the day.”

“Moderate pace of learning in bite sized chunks appropriate to the girls’ levels. Supportive band and course leader. using the professional musicians supports their playing so well.”

“Good pace. Good variety. Well led. Supportive environment. Lovely band!”

“Thank you so much for yesterday.  We loved what you achieved with them all.”

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